TARGET IMAGE (Please use this image for ALIMOLGLU AR APP)

This application brought to you by Turkey’s leading Natural Stone supplier Alimoglu Marble & Granite. Established in 1940 with humble attitude, shortly became one of Turkey’s leading quarry owner / manufacturer and continues its journey with the latest technological infrastructure. In this journey we’ve invented the worlds’ first and only AR application which comes with unbelievable features!

With just one click you will have at your fingertips a host of formats, colours and more.

This application allows you to see true colours of marbles on your screen as you would see them in reality.

Not only colours; formats like tiles, slabs, decorative items and objects are in front of you as well.

Zoom in and out to see selection detail and pattern of the material you’re viewing.

Check life stock availability of materials.

Access to our materials instantly and easily wherever your mobile phone is.

No more costly travels for material inspections!

Save time and money by viewing our range online from anywhere.


This Application provides best natural stone images

See the slabs and tiles with their original colors.

You can use these features as AR:

-Available Current Stock of Alimoglu Marble Granite

-All Tile Selections

-3D Models